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The 1975

The inevitably fresh and intense sound of The 1975 brings a shameless mix of pop, R & B, rock and indie or alternative sounds. They are versatile, without complications and it is a lost cause to try to pigeonhole them. The band has no problem moving from a rock riff to a funk riff, and using synthesizers like in 1983 (no one who comes from Manchester should fear a synthesizer) without using any sort of sequence, but then moving from the trumpet, to another guitar passage. The 1975 are creators of a unique style, characterized in their aesthetics of only black and white, their music has spread all over the world talking about love, depression, death, fear, drugs, social networks, racism and disagreement. They are not a band hindered by novelty, nor are they nostalgic. They are one of the most notorious representatives of the melancholic sound of the new indie pop rock. This year they have been releasing singles from their third album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, among which “Give Yourself A Try”, “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” and “Love If We Made It” stand out.
Santiago Rivas
Journalist and writer