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Everyone knows their sound: a huge mass that surrounds whoever faces it. An atmosphere of pure strength and feeling, in which each instrument is perfectly recognizable, with the sad voice of Paul Banks in the center, which invites you to explore the darkest corners of the mind. Listening to Interpol, nobody is alone. Since their first studio album in 2002, they have been responsible for giving voice to many things that, perhaps without them we would not know how to express. Will Paul Banks ever stop? Is it worth it for the world of rock music? Fortunately, it is not the time for him to stop just yet. At first, they were the darkest stars of the post-punk revival of the 2000s, which was later known as “the sound of New York”. It did not take long for them to make it as Interpol, which is fortunate because we want to keep knowing about them, especially after his most recent album, Marauder (2018).
Santiago Rivas
Journalist and writer