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Da Pawn

Da Pawn and La Máquina Camaleón are two bands that have given a new identity to Ecuadorian rock. We saw La Máquina Camaleón at FEP 2018, and now it’s time for their compatriots to shine. Since 2013, Da Pawn have released three singles: El Paón (EP), Verano en Coma and Balin’s Pistol. Hermoso Ruido in 2016 brought them to Bogotá for the first time and there they achieved important recognition that took them to Peru and Mexico. Mauro Samaniego, Felipe Andino, Fernando Prócel, Alejandro Naranjo, Mateo Terán and Andrés Benavides will come to the great stage of the north cone of South America, the FEPX, to demonstrate its evolution during these years.